Top 5 Best AD Networks

Top 5 Best AD Networks
Top 5 Best AD Networks

Creating a source of revenue on a blog is an important step that no blogger wants to make mistakes in choosing the best monetization method for his or her blog, so with my experience and research on ad networks are going to be sharing with you my list of 5 best ad networks. believe me or not these are the best ad networks you can ever work with, most people usually depend on Google Adsense while there are lots of ad networks around a reading list of 40 Google Adsense alternatives if you are still focused and interested in getting an approved Adsense account read how to get an approved Adsense account. most ad networks do offer low CPC cost per click, why some delay in paying their publishers I want to share with you my 5 top best ad networks.
Here is the list of 5 best ad networks

Google Adsense
Google Adsense is the best ad network it is a company owned by Google, Google Adsense also offer the best CPC they pay higher than any other ad network you can ever think about. they pay on time and their minimum payout is $100 dollar which is quite easy to reach and I believe the payout amount is a considerable amount. getting an approved Adsense account is one thing that newbies are finding difficult but let me share with you on how I got an approved Adsense account for my one-month-old blog.
chitika is a wonderful ad network which is considered to be the best Adsense alternative it works on both blogs and websites it is really a great ad network, Chitika also offer geo-targeted advertisement let me give you an example of geo-targeted advertisement.
 example: if your ad targets America audience then your ads will only show to the Americans, this is surely a best Adsense alternative that works well for almost all bloggers.
kontera is another great CPC based ad network but it does not offer banner or text ads like Google Adsense or Chitika, but Kontera is an in-text advertising company that offers advertisement only when your blog visitors click on the highlighted keyword, whenever your blog page load the script placed on your blog automatically connect with Kontera matched keywords.
Tribal fusion
This is a great CPM network you get paid for every 1000 views your blog delivers, it is said to be the best CPM ad network and it pays on time. the only problem people face most especially newbies is that they only approve blogs or websites that receive at least minimum of 500,000 unique visitors per month it is a great and wonderful CPM ad network which is popularly used by popular blogs.

Sonobi is a great and awesome ad network that has been serving 
ads to publishers since the year 2006 November 29th it has an Alexa global rank of 86,152 and our rank of 31,155. Sonobi works as both CPM and CPC ad network which allows you to get paid if your ads are clicked and if they are viewed without clicking so you can see it is win-win for you as a  publisher you get paid either way clicked or viewed.
Sonobi can also be defined as a platform focusing on real-time bidding they built all their technologies from the publisher’s perspective because they were one’s publishers like you.

These are the best ad networks you can think about I have used some of them but Adsense is the best ad network I have ever used on my blog, having read through this list of ad networks which one is your favourite ad network and which one do like to work with on this list.
Share your experience with us on what ad networks you have used and how it work for you on your blog.

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