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Computer Insecurity
 Computer Insecurity
We are all grateful for our computers. Just looking at the change in computer usage and capabilities in the last generation show how fast technology is growing. It is amazing what we all have at our fingertips, especially when we think back to what our parents had when they were our age.
In the modern age, we all use computers and they have become such a central part of our lives that few of us can manage to go an entire day without using one for either work or pleasure or to take care of personal business and communications. We are very aware of what they can do for us, but computer security awareness is something I think we are lacking in.
Because we use the computer for everything, our personal information is in a system that has many potential threats facing it. We have all seen movies or heard stories about identity theft, but many of us don’t realize that this really can happen and many other bad things can happen when the systems we are working on are not completely secure.
Computer security involves our information being protected from theft or corruption, while still being accessible to those for whom it is intended to be used by. This might be done in a number of different ways. There are many different systems in place to help keep sensitive information from being tampered with, and there are software and other things that can improve on what is already built into the system.
The idea behind computer software is pretty much the opposite of other types of computer technology. Instead of making it possible for certain things to be done on the computer, the focus is to prevent unwanted computer actions from being taken. It needs to allow certain information to be shared and used by the right people while being inaccessible by those who are not trustworthy.
Some of the threats to your computer come in the form of viruses, malware, spyware or phishing among other types of intrusions. Some of these may be spread in an email, from websites or USB pens. It can be very difficult to know if you are at risk, so having the right kind of computer security system in place is important.
You also want to use secure servers. Some browsers are more secure than others. Going with a more secure browser will help you to be protected from some types of invasions. You can be alerted if you are entering an untrustworthy site and can be protected in other ways.
Choosing good anti-virus, firewall, and cleaning software can keep your computer safe from malicious programs or hackers and help you to feel safe using your computer for all of the important things you need to do on it. With the age of amazing computer technology, there are also some pretty incredible ways to be taken advantage of. Fortunately, technology can help you to be safe from these threats with computer security.
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