50 Tips To Build Traffic For Your Blog

50 Tips To Build Traffic For Your Blog
50 Tips To Build Traffic For Your Blog 

If they say “Content is King” then I shall say “Traffic is the Queen”. Traffic is essentially the engine of every successful blog. As such building, an audience to your site is one of the most important aspects of blogging. In fact, it is most difficult to achieve. Agree? Gone are the days when you could just write and expect people will come.

The truth is a considerable portion of my blogging time has been spent on building that desired audience. So let me share with you a quick list of what I have learned and the 50 steps I have taken – and will be taken – to boost my blog traffic. Hope you find success with any of them as well.

1. Everything begins with contents people want to read.
2. Post often, not necessarily on a daily basis.
3. Use a catchy post title.
4. Write a controversial post.
5. Link to your own post – internal linking is good from an SEO standpoint.
6. Tag your post with keywords.
7. Use the list on your post for better readability.
8. Buy your own domain. Sad to say, many still take it for granted.
9. Tweak your site design for better users’ experience.
10. Do away with widgets. It just drives away your visitors.
11. Unclutter your sidebar and footer.
12. Make your blog title SEO-friendly.
13. Ask your readers’ opinions and thoughts on what you write.
14. Place your RSS button in a prominent place.
15. Invite and remind your visitors to subscribe in any possible way.
16. Optimize your RSS feed with Feedburner.
17. Submit your RSS feed to RSS directories.
18. Offer email subscription.
19. Experiment with email marketing.
20. Join social bookmarking sites. StumbleUpon is good.
21. Submit your articles and let others Digg and vote.
22. Submit your blog to niche directories.
23. Commenting on other blogs in your niche. Please don’t spam.
24. Response to each comment and feedback.
25. Don’t moderate negative comments. Let users have a say.
26. Learn to use trackbacks.
27. Enable DoFollow. Disagree?
28. Always thank your commentators.
29. Show appreciation by visiting your commentator’s site.
30. Create an Archive page. Show your old posts.
31. Create a Sitemap for search engine.
32. Use Google Webmaster Tools.
33. Statisticize your site with Google Analytics.
34. Know where your visitors well.
35. Join BlogCatalog & participate in its community.
36. Participate in Yahoo! Answer.
37. Use Twitter to promote your post.
38. Offer to exchange links with other blogs in the same niche. Do it moderately.
39. Participate in related forums.
40. Optimize forum signature with your link.
41. Offer help to other first-time bloggers.
42. Share your knowledge and experience generously.
43. Write an e-book.
44. Write about Google. We all love it.
45. Hold a contest with giveaway prizes.
46. Guess blogging.
47. Do a review on other blogs.
48. Interview other bloggers in your niche.
49. Use images in the post.
50. Start a pool on your blog.

Get to know which blogs rank high on Google for your keywords and leave your comment there.
Use Entrecard to promote your blog.
Ensure internal links use keyword anchor text, and point to each other.

What’s your idea?
The preceding list is never meant to be an exhaustive and ultimate list but it should give you a good start to building your blog traffic and bringing it to the next level.

I am hoping that I could make a 101 list on How to Build Blog Traffic but without your participation, it would not be possible. So do feel free to post your ideas below, if you have any. I’ll pass the link love back to you. How about it?

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